A small pond in the center of the dining area, lots of greenery and a natural feel.

The Charming Sultan Camp in Kabak Valley – A Blissful Campsite in Turkey

Sultan Camp is one of the many campsites located in the beautiful Kabak Valley in Turkey.

It was my home for the day (for a couple of days, actually) back in 2019.

I made some friends through a random WorkAway experience and we decided to go to Kabak Valley for a few days since it’s such a popular spot for Turkish people, yet not many tourists know about it.

I wonder how that works out.

A panorama photo of the whole reception, bar, lounge and dining area. Lots of wooden elements and plants in a cozy environment.

Location and Directions

The valley is located near Fethiye and has a gorgeous beach called Kabak Koyu.

The only existing road to Kabak (accessible by car) is the road from Fethiye-Ölüdeniz-Faralya-Kabak.

There are two ways to get there – take a local bus or hitchhike.

A photo collage of Kabak Koyu beach in Kabak Valley

The bus costs only 10 TRY and leaves you on the road, which leads down the canyon and the rest of the campsites.

In order to get to the lodges and the beach, you can get a regular shuttle which goes up and down every 30 minutes.

Its price will vary depending on the number of passengers, so don’t be shocked if they want also 10 TRY for this short ride.

However, the normal price is about 5-7 TRY. The driver will drop you off near the camp you are staying, so just tell him where you need to go.


You can also, of course, take a gorgeous downhill walk. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of luggage it will not be your best experience.

The hike is about 40-50 minutes long (slow hiking with taking photos), the road is very dusty and a bit steep.

Don’t put your fancy shoes on and be ready to sweat a lot.


Originally, we intended to stay at Reflections Camp, which is the oldest one of the campsites in the valley.

However, my friend brought her dog which, unfortunately, did not get along with the dog at the Reflections.

It turned out we couldn’t stay because of this, so we started looking for another Kabak beach accommodation. We left our backpacks and started venturing in the dark.

Kabak Valley in Turkey, Green and Blue shadows of the mountain and trees.

Luckily, Sultan Camp was waiting for us just 50m away, hidden between the bushes.

We could only see some small gaps through the leaves and some happy people having delicious Turkish dishes for dinner. That was all we needed for the final decision.

We headed towards the reception, which is also a bar, and we started wondering if we should check-in or have a mojito – shout out to the bartender-receptionist, who will mix you up the best mojito you have ever tried.


Kabak Koyu seen from the walk down from Sultan's Camp. Tents, beach and trees.

He showed us to our bungalow, which massively exceeded our low expectations – don’t forget we had just lost our place to stay.

I personally believe the price is not the cheapest, compared to other camps in Kabak, but it includes accommodation, all-you-can-eat food for breakfast and dinner, WiFi, showers and toilets, bar lounge and a really chill-out vibe.

The wifi is not the best and I had to ask the receptionist/bartender to restart it for me, but if you don’t care about that too much, it’s definitely your place.

A panorama photo of a bungalow overlooking the mountain during sunrise.

The campsite offers a variety of bungalows, some with a personal shower and toilet, some with a shared bathroom area, some with single or double beds or combined.

Furthermore, you can use the provided tents by the camp or bring your own tent and use their space. If you use your own tent, you can pay as low as 100 TRY (around 16€).

Sultan Camp's tent accommodation - Sea blue and white apartment tents between the bushes.


  • Deluxe bungalow

    • 1 double + 1 single bed + private shower and WC
    • 500 TRY for 1 person, 600 TRY for 2 people
  • Bungalow

    • 1 double + 1 single bed + private shower and WC
    • 350 TRY for 1 person, 500 TRY for 2 people
  • Basic bungalow

    • 1 double or 2 single beds + shared shower and WC
    • 200 TRY for 1 person, 400 TRY for 2 people
  • Tent

    • 150 TRY for the campsite tents
    • 125 TRY if you bring and use your own

All types of accommodation in Sultan Camp include breakfast and dinner.

Front view of a basic bungalow and its balcony.



The bar is extremely chill during the day and the night. Therefore, don’t go there looking for a big party, because you won’t find it.

Worry do not, there are plenty of other places you can party in the valley.

But if you are going with a few friends or alone and you just wanna chill, you probably won’t find a better place to stay.

Bar/lounge area with lots of wooden elements with a view towards the jungle Kabak Valley

The rooftop area has a nice lounge with many comfy pillows and mattresses which make it the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and stargaze at night.

View from the wooden rooftop area at night. Clear sky with lots of stars, cozy warm light from the rooftop, view towards the mountain.


The music is lovely, the people are super relaxed, the place is beautiful and you won’t be able to stop taking photos of all the little details, decorations and drawings that make the camp so special and pretty.


The food service is absolutely delicious, so you must make sure you have enough space in your belly for it.

The breakfast and dinner are buffet-style, which means you can go up to the kitchen bar and choose your weapon.

They include mostly Turkish dishes, as there are mostly vegetarian options. There’s also a bit of meat for meat lovers.

A vertical panorama of Sultan Camp's dining/breakfast area. Tables with view towards the mountain.


It’s only a short and very easy hike to the beach, that’s between 10 and 15 minutes.

It’s not a concrete road, but more like a dusty, rocky path.

Keep in mind there are not a lot of lights on the path. Make sure to take a headlamp or at least a phone with a torch so you can get back safely at night if you decide to stay at the beach after sunset.

Kabak Koyu beach photo collage, waves and boats


Right next to Sultan camp you’ll find Sultan market, which (unexpectedly) has nothing in common with the campsite.

Anyway, it’s not full of options, but you’ll find some basic drinks and snacks. Don’t go there looking for shampoo.

However, the lady there is extremely hard-working and also will make you an amazing Gozleme if you’re hungry.


Laundry. I would definitely not be confident about doing laundry there again.

Yes, it may sound silly and my friends are probably having a good laugh reading this, but it was devastating for me.

I gave all my clothes for a wash with the wrong expectation that they would be separated into whites and colours. So of course, my brand new bright green and yellow hippie onesie made all my white panties look like I had uncontrolled diarrhoea and my white shirts went to the garbage as well.

A photo collage of Sultan Camp decoration, tables, sinks and drawings


To sum up, apart from the small laundry and WiFi issues, I’d definitely recommend it, since it’s a gorgeous campsite in Turkey.

It’s bigger than you’d expect and the tiny handmade roads, surrounded by flowers and greenery, will lead you anywhere from bungalows and tents, to the lovely bar and chill-out area.

A photo collage of Sultan Camp decoration and small details, drawings and carvings

The food is delicious and offers a variety of options, the accommodation is satisfying and you can choose the type you like best.

The staff and guests are friendly and the overall feel is very chill.

Kabak valley itself is gorgeous and has many options for hiking trails and boat trips.

Kabak Koyu (the beach) is a short walk away, has clean and fresh waters to take off the heat from the summer days.

Would you like to stay at Sultan Camp?

Or check Sultan’s Camp Instagram page for more photos.


• Mobile: 0090 505 857 32 71
• Phone: 0090 252 642 12 38
• E-mail: sultancamping@gmail.com
• Address: Kabak Bay/Fethiye/Muğla

A small pond in the center of the dining area, lots of greenery and a natural feel.

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