Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria

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Canary Islands

The Hawaii of Europe. 7 gems and each - one of a kind with a unique set of flora and fauna, vibe and heritage.

Valley, ocean and mountains, Turkey


The Orient is half a step away from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Tea, tobacco, bright blue seas and welcoming Turks.

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Exploring the old giant monument in Bulgaria

Stef - A Happy Backpacker

Hey, guys, I'm super excited to see you here so we can travel Bulgaria together. I'm Stef and I daydream of exploring the corners of the world. At this very moment I am located in Bulgaria (homecountry) and I plan to be so for a while. I will be telling you everything I know and you need to know about backpacking Bulgaria, this gem of a land, so stay tuned.

Heavenly Waterfall seen from nearby

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Exploring Leshten - a beautiful village in the Rhodope mountains. Bulgaria Travel and backpacking Bulgaria.
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