Explore Southern Bulgaria

Southern Bulgaria is a unique and diverse part of the geographical region Thrace (or Thracia). This part of Bulgaria borders the Balkan Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the east, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west and Greece and Turkey to the south. The magnificent Balkan range  extends across the entire width of the country, dividing it into two halves (Southern and Northern Bulgaria).

Regions and features

We can further divide South Bulgaria into three distinct regions: South Western, South Central and South Eastern. A considerable part of the south is located in the Thracian lowlands. Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, lies low in a mountainous basin, while the Pirin Macedonia region (Southwest Bulgaria) reaches high into the sky with its rugged peaks.

Provinces in Southern Bulgaria

Each of the regions (South Western, South Central and South Eastern) comprises several provinces. These provinces include Sofia (City & Region), Pernik, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Pazardjik, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Smolyan, Kardjali, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Yambol and Burgas.

Which region are you looking forward to visiting?

South West

Sofia (City & Region), Pernik, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad

South Central

Pazardjik, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Smolyan, Kardjali

South East

Stara Zagora, Sliven, Yambol and Burgas

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