Dobrich Province, Bulgaria - Where to Go and What to Do?

Where is Dobrich province located?​

The province of Dobrich is located in the northeast of Bulgaria. It has borders with Romania and the Black Sea. Other nearby Bulgarian provinces include Silistra, Varna and Shumen.​


  • If you visit this province or another part of Bulgaria, you can hear the name Tolbukhin. That’s the old name of the region as it was once named after a Soviet marshal.
  • Here you can find the only Bulgarian sea-level nature reserve near Kaliakra.
  • People often visit Dobrich province to take mud baths at the Shabla and Balchik salty mud lakes.
  • There are numerous archaeological findings in the area.
  • The region is called “Bulgaria’s granary.”


The entire Dobrich province is located on the Dobrudzha plateau. The Dobrudzha plateau is the region around the Danube where the river meets the sea. The plateau is shared by Bulgarians and Romanians and separated at the river border. On the Romanian side, it is known as the Dobrugea plateau.

The region’s altitude varies between 150 and 350 meters above sea level. The area is incredibly fertile and famous for its wheat crops and lavender fields.

Lavender field during sunset in Dobrich Province, which is located in the Dobrudja Plateau, Bulgaria


There are a couple of small rivers across this Bulgarian region.

Here’s a list of them:

  • Suha Reka (a tributary to the Danube)
  • Dobrichka Reka
  • Batova Reka
  • Shablenska Reka
  • Harsovska Reka
  • Karamandere


While there are numerous small towns and rural areas in this region, there are only six cities:

  • Dobrich
  • Balchik
  • Shabla
  • Kavarna
  • Tervel
  • General Toshevo

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